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"A Carol at Ground Zero"
by Chuck Sullivan

























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The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light.

Isaiah 9:2

Out of the clear blue of 9-11
from a morning's perfect heaven
on stolen silver wings Satan
fell like lightening rattling
against and shattering
The Windows On The World

And his fire was cast in the sanctuary
of our hearts and in the harbor
Lady Liberty trembled in the dark
surprise of broad daylight
as the Trade Towers crumbled
and their huddled masses were sundered
and scattered in the light
of her lamp lifted beside The Golden Door

And, so, the dread skyscraped mirrors
were humbled to the ground
splintered with the cracked reflections
of the thousands of the Just
cradled in the Hands of God testing
them like gold in a crucible

In the hopes and fears of all the years
met in us tonight we must stand
and be counted with the dead in the living
flames of Faith's furnace again
their bodies our minds not lost
but only changed into something wondr'ous
strange their souls shining in a glory

Sweeping through the world in a carol
at Ground Zero its sparks dancing
in a pained radiance skipping
through the rubble choiring
of how the people walking in darkness
must see once more the great light born
the baby rocked in the ashen crèche
and call Him Wonderful Counsellor Hero
The Child I Am Who Am The Wounded Healer

Burned and ever burning with us
holy embers smoldering still within
the Towers' wreckage pulsing like vigils
of the little fallen fires of the stars
Heaven's very wishes themselves come down
to Earth seeding with promise this dark
Christmas garden with their striking
beacons wed to deepest Easter light

~ Chuck Sullivan



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