photos by Larry Brand
New York City
the week following 9/11/01










































midtown fire station shrine
Saturday night, September 15, at the fire station
at 8th Ave and 48th, one of many such shrines around the city

the missing
Thursday, September 13, a woman searches for her loved one at the Armory at Lexington and 26th, where people came to find out about missing friends and family

Astor Place
Thursday, September 13, looking down Lafayette

view down Broadway
Thursday, September 13, the view down Broadway from somewhere north of Houston

Alabama marching band
Saturday, September 15, on Canal Street, a band from Alabama plays and marches and helps in the clean-up (they have trash bags on their belts) - they later were seen midtown and on the upper west side, spreading what passed for cheer and was certainly resolve

dividing line
Saturday, September 15, Red Cross workers, press, and military
at the line beyond which only officials and rescuers were allowed

overview of World Trade Center
Saturday, September 15, a view of what used to be, the site of the World Trade Center as seen from a rooftop on North Moore near Greenwich

tower view
Monday, September 17, a piece of the tower facade

Trinity graves
Monday, September 17, in the Trinity Church graveyard,
with ashes like snow

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