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Kurt Varnedoe
Kurt Varnedoe




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"At 42 -- a professor with no museum experience -- he was named curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art. It was, and is, the most influential job in the fluid, insular, fiercely contentious world of modern art... This seat of power was the culmination of a spectacular rise, and Varnedoe gave every appearance of having been born for the job... Outside New York and the cloistered art world, the name Varnedoe might not be a household word. None of his 18 books can be purchased in airports. But among artists and art professionals, his was a presence you could compare only to Tiger Woods or Russell Crowe. When he delivered the Mellon Lectures at the National Gallery in 2003, not long before he died, the museum was forced to rig extra auditoriums with audio relays. The lines wouldn't have been longer if Picasso had come back from the dead to sign autographs. The Georgia boy was the closest thing to a rock star that art history has ever produced."

"A Fine Disregard"
Hal Crowther, for Creative Loafing

"A Hooligan and a Gentleman"
Michael Malone, for Rugby Magazine

"Kirk Varnedoe, Modern Art's Athletic Mind"
Blake Gopnik, for The Washington Post

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