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[detail of hay dome]
detail of Two Way Yield












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Dragonfly Dome























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Two Way Yield

[inside Two Way Yield]

"Instead of looking at sculpture from the outside, I want to invite people inside - to experience it from the inside out."

This Hay Dome, actually entitled "Two Way Yield," was installed at Bard College this summer. Another in the series of Domes, this one added the element of smell as it invited the onlooker to come inside for the "art's eye view." Of his work, Voss Finn says, "... artists may function as the gatekeepers of society's dream life. There is a collective dream space or consciousness we tap into, bringing forth a reordered reality which society may consider and be enriched by. Dreams can present us with a truth we need to face."

The domes' architectural scale allows and indeed entices the viewer to become fully involved in Finn's exploration of natural, repeating forms.

Two Way Yield

[inside Two Way Yield]
view from inside the hay dome

Voss Finn, is an artist who is based in Cincinnati.


Dragonfly Dome

[dragonfly dome detail]

While we were in New York City at the end of June, ArtSavant was invited to take a trip along the Hudson River on a fireboat called John J. Harvey. It was a jaunt with a purpose: to take photographs of a sculpture called "Dragonfly Dome" at the end of Pier I in Riverside Park South. This recent installation is part of a city program: Parks Temporary Art Program. The dome, which is made of aluminum and is 22' wide by around 11' tall, was on the pier through July 4.

Visit our page on the subject to find out more
about John J. Harvey.

For a slightly less ephemeral viewing of another of Voss Finn's Dragon Domes, one was on display on the Navy Pier in Chicago.

[dome viewed from the Hudson]

[Dragonfly Dome approach]

[Dragonfly Dome long shot]
views approaching the Dragonfly Dome in Manhattan



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