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Warhol's Elvis
there's something about Andy

Warhol Retrospective at MOCA
May 25 - August 18

Bernard Weinraub, for The New York Times
May 23, 2002

Holland Cotter, for The New York Times
July 14, 2002

Warhol at the Tate Modern

"He painted and drew with silkscreen, made moving film images appear still, stitched together identical photographs, and filled a room with silver balloons. His life's project was to explore the aesthetic and cultural associations of the term 'media', questioning structural boundaries in a way now heralded by some as 'post-medium'."

~ exerpt from Tate introduction

through April 1

Warhol Elvis boot
"Elvis Presley (Gold Boot)"

In the March 11 issue of The New Yorker, Peter Schjeldahl reviews the show at the Tate Modern. Though he calls the museum "a scandalously lousy place for looking at art," he lauds curator Donna De Salvo for making pleasure the show's keynote. He grants that those who deplore what's called the leveling of art have a point, but brushes the point aside. "I am incorrigibly thrilled by Warhol's joining of aesthetic sophistication with mass appeal... Warhol invested vernacular idioms with a timeless eloquence."

"Warhol's Triumph" by Peter Schjeldahl
for The New Yorker
Warhol cookie jars
"Possesion Obsession"

The Warhol Museum in Pittsburg has mounted an exhibit that focuses on his massive collections, including an amazing array of cookie jars, some of which are pictured above. "...the breadth of taste is evident, which seems in keeping with the man who would blur the lines between mass-produced and precious... part of Warhol's eclecticism, which some critics celebrated and others saw as evidence of unschooled compulsion."

"Warhol's House of Stuff," Pittsburg Post-Gazette

through May 19 at the Warhol Museum

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